Our Partners can choose between different licence types.

Standard Voxior Licence

  • Solution meant for tech progressive users, which have no problem configuring the system on their own.
  • Those are usually customers already in search for the solution which already tried to experiment on their own (e.g. Raspberry Pi, custom software etc.)
  • Our partners can sell this type of licenses Affiliate program. Please read our Affiliate Program Article to find out more. 

Voxior Professional Licence

Meant for installers, integrators, distributors, and other business users. They can include  Voxior Pro into their service portfolio. This Professional solution has features like:

  • Access to Voxior Partner dashboard
  • Remote setup & management
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Licence management
  • Voxior training
  • Technical documentation
  • Development insights
  • Early bird access
  • Marketing & sales support
  • Access to Voxior know-how library
  • VoxiorLink Image 

These licences offer partners two revenue streams:

  • Volume pricing - stock purchases offer up to 50% standard volume discounts and more on special projects. 
  • This licence is catered for the customers that want the full-service upgrade to Voice command and involves individual services from partners.

To find out more about the product and licences, register in our Voxior Pro Dashboard as a business partner:

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