The Voxior Installer Dashboard doesn't allow you to just add users but also to manage them and setup their Gateway.

Step by step instructions for managing clients

1. To manage a client’s project, choose their account from the list in your Projects Page

  • By clicking the button “Edit projects” you can start editing them.
  • By clicking on a project, you can modify it’s information: E-mail, change the VoxiorLink device or description. 

  • Click “Save” when you’re finished.


Setting up their Gateway

Configuring the client’s profile/project, allows you to modify their Voxior configuration: you can add and modify gateways and also change their device configuration. This way you can set everything for them up in advance.

1. Click the Projects tab and select the user project by clicking on their name/e-mail.

  • Select the connection type and enter end-user’s gateway details
  • You can add a license for the client by clicking on the button “Add licence”
  • Save the gateway
  • Note: When changing the configuration on the user’s Home Server, you can reload the devices into Voxior by clicking the button “Reload”.

2. In the upper left corner you can see two tabs: Devices and Gateways 

3. Click the Devices tab to configure your client’s devices. You can enable/disable devices, rename them and print the list of available commands for the client.

  • To find out more on how to manage devices for yourself or for the customer, check out our next article in this series Setting up your Demo Room. 

7. On the top you can see the e-mail of the user you are configuring. To stop configuring this project (user), click the X next to it .

What’s next? 

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