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How to control a Switch

To turn on/off a switch:
"Hey Google, turn <switch> on/off"
"Hey Google, turn on/off <switch>"
"Hey Google, set <switch> on/off"

To Query the switch status:
"Hey Google, is the <switch> on/off?"

How to control a Scene

To activate / turn on a scene:
"Hey Google, turn on <scene>”
"Hey Google, activate <scene>"

To deactivate / turn off a scene:
"Hey Google, turn off <scene>"
"Hey Google, deactivate <scene>"

Another useful command is the one for turning all the scenes in a room on/off. For the Google Home users setting up the lights for this commands is as simple as assigning (adding) them to a specific room. You can do that with the Google Home mobile app. In this case, the naming of these devices doesn’t matter, while the Room name of course does.

Users of Amazon Alexa should create a Group in the Alexa App. Devices of a specific room should be added to this group as well as the Echo, which is in the room. If the Echo, which is in this room, hears the “Alexa, turn off lights” command, it will turn the lights of that room on. The naming of the devices and the room name is not important.

Turn on/off all devices in room/group:
"Hey Google, turn on/off <room>"

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