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Tested commands for Switch:

Basic on/off commands:
"Hey Google, turn <switch> on/off"
"Hey Google, turn on/off <switch>"
"Hey Google, set <switch> on/off"

To query the switch status:
"Hey Google, is the <switch> on/off?"

Tested voice commands for controlling a Scene

Basic on commands:
"Hey Google, turn on <scene>”
"Hey Google, activate <scene>"

Basic off commands:
"Hey Google, turn off <scene>"
"Hey Google, deactivate <scene>"

You can also turn all scenes or devices in a single room on or off.

Google users can assign devices to a specific room within the Google's mobile app. This also means that the names of the devices don't need to be optimised, since you'll only be using the name of the room in the voice command.

Amazon Alexa should instead group the devices in the Amazon Alexa app (See how-to guide). Then add the Echo speaker to the same group, and then you can command "Alexa, turn on the lights" and it will turn all the lights in the same room that the Echo is located in.

Turn on/off all devices in room/group:
"Hey Google, turn on/off <room>"

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