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"Hey Google, turn <blind> off"
"Hey Google, turn off <blind>"
"Hey Google, set <blind> off"
"Hey Google, set <blind> to 0%"

"Hey Google, turn <blind> on"
"Hey Google, turn on <blind>"
"Hey Google, set <blind> on"
"Hey Google, set <blind> to 100%"

Query the blind status:
"Hey Google, is the <blind> on/off?"

Set the blind to a desired position:
"Hey Google, set <blind> to 50%"

We are always looking out for new commands and testing them. We suggest checking back this article after a while to see what's new.

Invert the open/close commands:

Due to the different installations, it happens sometimes that the open/close commands are inverted. You can invert them, so that they work as intended where open means open and closed means close.

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