As we have already set-up our KNX/Loxone Gateway in the previous article, in this one, we will focus on device management and naming. 

With the 1Home Dashboard you can control your Showroom for your own Smart Home but also to manage other clients.

Please follow our Step-by-step guide for managing devices:

Open the 1Home App and click on Devices:

1. You can see the different types of devices In the sidebar to the left: lights, switches, scenes, thermostats, blinds
2. By clicking on the button “Devices types” you can change your view, to see your devices filtered by room or by function

3. On your right side you can see all your devices:

  • Here you can enable/disable rooms or specific devices and scenes,
  • You can rename them and see which commands can be invoked (Hint: hover over the “Turn on”, “Turn off” signs to see the command)

4. Click on the top-right green button "Create new scene” to create a virtual device: a switch/scene. A switch allows you for example to combine and rename your home server scenes while the virtual scene function, enables you to create and combine a whole new set of actions - tailored to your lifestyle. 

5. Do not forget to sync devices with Google and/or to discover them with Alexa after you are finished with managing your devices. 

  • Google Assistant users: Click the "Sync devices with Google" in the 1Home App
  • Amazon Alexa users: Say "Alexa, discover devices" or open the Alexa mobile App, click on "Smart Home" and in the upper right corner on the question mark. After that select the "Discover devices" button.

New 1Home Partners, who haven’t set-up Google Home or Amazon Alexa - we invite you to check out our:

  • Google Home Setup Video
  • Amazon Alexa Setup Video

Where can I find a list of commands for the Client?

  1. Please open the 1Home App
  2. Click on the Devices Tab 
  3. Select the “Instructions” button. A popup with all the instructions will appear.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?  
Please let us know at or by contacting our helpful support team via Chat (blue button in the bottom right) or book a call

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