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Connect Amazon Alexa to your Loxone or KNX smart home:

Register in the 1Home Dashboard, connect your smart home HERE & click "Connect" next to Amazon Alexa on Connected Assistants page and follow the onboarding.

The onboarding will guide you to open the Amazon Alexa App to connect the 1Home Skill:

  • Open http://alexa.amazon.com or download the Alexa mobile app and login with the same e-mail you use with your Alexa device and with 1Home

  • Click the “Skills” Tab, search for the “1Home” skill and enable it

  • Please follow the setup and select “Discover devices”

  • You have successfully connected 1Home with your Smart Home and the Alexa Skill

If you want to control your Smart Home devices with the visualisation on your smartphone or tablet, please open the Alexa mobile app and select the “Smart Home” Tab. There you will find all the discovered devices, which you can also control: turn on/off lights, define brightness, temperature, open/close blinds.

I don't have an Amazon Alexa smart speaker, but would still like to try voice control.

The smart speaker such as the Amazon Echo Dot speaker isn't necessary, but it has a slightly better voice recognition software and is more handy. You can use it via a smartphone or tablet, as long as you have the Home app installed.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Our support team is happy to help via Chat (blue button in the bottom right corner).

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