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The 1Home Box is a simple-to-use device that allows you to connect your smart home to voice assistants while removing the need for dynamic DNS setup, fixed IP or the need to set up port forwarding. 

It enables the connection to your smart home server to be established locally and stores the credentials (username and password) on the device.

Step 1: Installing the 1Home Box

1. Connect the 1Home Box to power and router with the provided power supply and ethernet cable. Please make sure the 1Home Box is in the same network as your smart home visualization server or a KNX IP Interface. Your phone & computer should be on the same network as well.

2. Wait 5-10 minutes for the software to update to the latest version.

Step 2: Pair the 1Home Box

Once you've connected it, please go to + Add 1Home device tab and pair the device.

Your Box will be recognised automatically if it's plugged to ethernet and power, and is in the same subnetwork as you are with your computer/smartphone.

How to proceed?

Proceed by connecting 1Home Box with your smart home. Follow the guides below:

What to do after you have connected your smart home?

Once your smart home is connected, proceed by connecting a smart assistant platform with 1Home. See the tutorials below:


Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Please contact us via the chat button in the bottom right corner.

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