The 1Home Box is a simple-to-use device that allows you to connect your smart home to voice assistants while removing the need for dynamic DNS setup, fixed IP or the need to set up port forwarding. 

It enables the connection to your smart home server to be established locally and stores the credentials (username and password) on the device. We suggest using the 1Home Box especially with KNX smart homes (and KNX IP Interfaces) as it adds an additional security layer to the remote connection.

Once you set it up (finished with the step 1), you can rename/enable the devices and start using voice control through the 1Home Dashboard.

Step 1: Connect the 1Home Box

1. Connect the 1Home Box to power and router with the provided power supply and ethernet cable.

2. Wait 5-10 minutes for the software to update to the latest version.

3. Open the the 1Home Dashboard ( and select the sidebar menu “+Add 1Home Device”

4. Select your 1Home Box. Please make sure you are in the same network as the device.

5. Follow the onboarding wizard: 1Home will automatically detect your smart home server in your network. If not, there’s always the option to add it manually by entering internal IP of your smart home.

6. Enter the username and password, which you also use in your smart home mobile app

7. Save the changes to get your device automatically discovered.


Step 2: Configuring the Dashboard, Smart Assistants and setting up other products


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I was previously using a direct (cloud connection) and would like to use the 1Home Box now. How do I move the configuration?
  • Please connect the Box to power and network, and wait 5-10 minutes
  • Please open the Smart home tab and select Options > Move configuration:
  • Please select your new Box and follow the onboarding wizard


2. My Box doesn’t show up in the 1Home Dashboard. What can I do?

Usually the Box appears within 5-10 minutes, after the software is updated to the newest version.

If you still don’t see it after that, please check:

  • Is the device powered and is the ethernet cable correctly inserted in the hardware device and in your router?
  • Does the router have an active internet connection?
  • Are you in the same network (WiFi/lan) as the 1Home box?
  • Please restart the box and re-open +Add 1Home Box page


3. I’m experiencing issues with my voice control or my box

  • Are you experiencing issues with your internet connection?
  • Please restart the box (plug it in/out)
  • If voice control doesn’t start working within a minute, kindly contact our support team. We’ll get you up and running.


4. My voice control doesn’t work -  where is my voice licence?

You should have received the licence code to your email after you have ordered the 1Home Box.

  • Please check the email inbox, that you have provided on the order page, and search for “Mycommerce” or “Share-it”. 
  • Copy it from the email and open menu > select the Licences page
  • Then click on the "+" sign on the next page and please enter the license key 


Do you have any questions or suggestions?
Please let us know at contact us via the Chat bubble or book a support call.

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