To set thermostat using the thermostat's name
"Alexa, <thermostat> 20°C."
“Alexa, set <thermostat> to 20°C.”

To hear the ambient temperature on the thermostat
"Alexa, what is the temperature inside?"
"What is the the temperature of <room>?"

To hear what the temperature is set to on the thermostat
“Alexa, what is the <room> thermostat set to?”

Increase/Decrease the temperature using the thermostat's name
(Changes the temperature in Alexa for 1 Degree)
“Alexa, make <thermostat> warmer/cooler."
"Alexa raise/lower the temperature of <thermostat>."

Increase/Decrease the temperature of thermostat for X degrees
"Alexa, raise/lower the temperature of <thermostat> by 2 degrees.” 

To switch heating or cooling for a specific room/thermostat¹
"Alexa, set the <thermostat> to heating/cooling/automatic."
"Alexa, turn <thermostat> to heat/heating/cooling." 

¹Please note: This command changes the mode to auto heat/cool mode. In order for this command to work, the Smart home has to support auto mode

Currently the different modes only work for the Loxone Miniserver. When changing the temperature with your voice, you also change the mode to manual. If you want to switch back to the automatic mode, please set the thermostat to heating/coolingmode as mentioned above.

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