In just two steps you can set-up your IPAS Combridge HCC and EisBär Scada Smart Home with 1Home Voice Control and the Voice Assistants Google Assistant (Google Home), Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri/HomeKit.
Please watch the instructional video below:

Step 1 – Login to 1Home Configuration Dashboard and configure your smart home devices.

  1. Open the 1Home app at

2. Login to 1Home with your Amazon or Google Account:

  •  Alexa Users: Use the same Amazon account you use for your Alexa device. If you don’t own an Amazon account yet simply create a new one on
  • Google Assistant User: Use the same Google account you use for your Google Assistant device
  • Apple HomeKit / Siri Users: can user either, a Google account or an Amazon account

3. Select a gateway for your smart home by pressing “Add Gateway” button and selecting it:

4. Enter the credentials to your Smart Home Gateway. You should use the same settings as you are using to access your Home server in the mobile application

Connection Type:
You can use both: start voice control instantly by entering the required information (hostname/IP, port, ...) or if you want to skip port forwarding, use 1Home Box.

Please enter an external IP like 67.166.XXX.XXX or hostname like Please do not enter internal network IP addresses like 192.168.X.X, 172.X.X.X, or 10.X.X.X. Also, please do not enter the http:// as part of the address and note that you need to enter the port number in a separate field.

You can find the port in your mobile application. Example: the port 80 will appear after the colon: Please enter a Https port, like 443.

Username and Password:
Please enter the username and password for your Smart Home Server. When entering your username or password be careful when to use uppercase/lowercase letters, special characters and please check whether there are any trailing spaces behind your username & password.    

5. Press Save to import all devices.

6. Click on the Devices tab to manage the devices. The changes are saved automatically.  


  •  To enable or disable the device press the checkbox next to the device
  • To rename the device click on a name and rename it.
  • To see the commands to invoke, please hover over the “Turn on”, “Turn off”, “Set percentage” and other labels
  • To view all Devices instructions, press the "Instructions" button in the sidebar to the left.


Gateways and devices configuration

If you want to find out more about the configuration of gateways and your smart home devices, please watch out Dashboard Setup-Video.


Step 2 – Installing the Alexa Skill or Google Action

Now you only have to set-up your Smart Assistant to start using voice control. Please follow the instructions below:

Do you have any questions or suggestions? 

Please let us know at, contact us via the Chat bubble or book a support call.


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