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What you need for setting up Remote Access:

How to set up VPN Remote Access for Android

After the 1Home Box or Bridge device is set up and a gateway is established, a new menu tab will appear: Remote Access.

"My access" configures access of the owner of the smart home & "Installer access" configures access of the installer of your smart home.

When enabling a user for the first time, you'll be asked to enter a password used to protect the security certificates. Please remember this password as 1Home doesn't store it and it's required whenever VPN certificate is imported to a new phone or computer. You can also reset the password by clicking on the 'Edit password' button.

An email with certificates will be sent out automatically to the respective user. To send the certificates to a specific email click on the 'Send to' button and specify the email you would like to send the instructions and certificates to.

Set up Android strongSwan VPN Client:

  • Download .sswan file attached to received email.

  • Open Google Play Store and install strongSwan VPN Client.

  • Click "..." in the navigation bar and select "Import VPN profile". This will open your downloads and select previously downloaded .sswan file.

  • Click "IMPORT CERTIFICATE FROM VPN PROFILE" and enter the password, which you have chosen inside 1Home dashboard.

  • Select the imported certificate and click "Allow", then click "IMPORT" in the navigation bar.

  • Select user certificate you have previously installed and click "Allow". Leave "User identity" selected to the default option.

  • Then click "Save" in the navigation bar.

  • To connect to the VPN simply click on the VPN connection.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up 1Home VPN on your Android device, feel free to connect remotely.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Our support team is happy to help via Chat (blue button in the bottom right corner).

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