1Home Remote access removes the need for port forwarding or externally accessible IPs, if the clients wants to connect to their smart homes remotely.
It also allows installers to manage and maintain Smart Home Servers remotely. Connect to your favorite configuration tool: Loxone Config, Gira Experte, Gira Project Assistant and manage it remotely. The Installer Dashboard helps installers manage multiple projects in a proactive way.

Below you can find a scheme of how remote access works.

Setting up the 1Home Remote Access is a three step process. 

  1. During our first step we will set-up the 1Home Box device 
  2. In the second step we will configure the 1Home Dashboard
  3. In the third step we will enable 1Home Remote Access for installers or for clients. 

If you already have a 1Home Box device set up and configured, you can proceed straight to the step 3 - enabling Remote Access.

Step 1: Instructions for setting-up 1Home Box

Please follow the Quick-Start Instructions for 1Home Box with instructions on assembling and configuring the device

During our second step we will take a look at the 1Home Dashboard. 



 Step 2: How to configure 1Home Box - Installer Dashboard instructions 

Step 3: Enabling Remote Access

Next steps

Would you like to know more about the Dashboard?

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