If you're configuring the 1Home Box/VoxiorLink device at the clients home this article will help you with instructions for the 1Home Installer Dashboard.

Let’s take a look at the 1Home Installer Dashboard and the Projects tab. 

1.) Create a new project (user) in the Projects Tab. Ask your client which email account they plan to use with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant before starting this process.

  • You can find the instructions on creating projects (users) and pairing the 1Home Box in our article about Adding clients to your Dashboard
  • Please make sure 1Home Box is plugged to the network and power before continuing. 

2.) Next, we'll start configuring their Smart Home Gateway and setting up the devices. 

  • Click the Projects tab and the Project (user), you would like to configure.
  • Please note the red banner on top that appears after selecting a user. As long as you are managing that user, you will see it on top. You can stop managing the user by clicking the X next to it.

3.) Go to Gateway tab, create new gateway and select 1Home Box under Connection Type

  • Under the 1Home Box option configure the connection on the Link device using the Configure button

Internal Ip or Hostname: Please enter the internal IP of your Smart Home Server or the hostname.

Port:  You can find the port in your mobile application. Example: the port 80 will appear after the colon: mustermann.dyndns.com:80. Please enter a Https port, like 443.

Username and Password: Please enter the username and password for your Smart Home Server. When entering your username or password be careful when to use uppercase/lowercase letters, special characters and please check whether there are any trailing spaces behind your username & password.    

4.) After storing the configuration on the Link device press “Save” on the Configuration tab to test the connection to your Smart Server.

  • Please note that the 1Home Box device should be able to see your client’s Smart Server via VPN in order to connect to it.

5.) If all works well, 1Home should detect the devices on the Smart Server.

6.) The last step is setting up the Smart Assistant or Remote Access for your client. Please watch the quick start videos or send them together with the instructions to your clients.

Step 3: Setting up the Smart Assistant or Remote Access

Please follow the instructions for setting up your Smart Assistant

Please follow these instructions for setting up Remote Access:

That’s it! You’ve successfully configured and set-up the 1Home Box devices for your client.

What’s next?

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know at support@1home.io or by contacting our helpful support team via Chat (blue button in the bottom right) or book a call

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