Once configured, see the video below to enable Apple HomeKit functionalities:


  • Navigate to 
  • Click Configure HomeKit on your 1Home Box device
  • Click the On button to enable HomeKit support and store the pin which appears on the screen
  • Open HomeKit application on your Apple device
  • Click Add Accessory button
  • Select your 1Home Box HomeKit bridge
  • A message is displayed informing user that the HomeKit accessory is not certified by Apple. To continue click Add Anyway button
  • Enter HomeKit pairing pin stored in the previous step
  • Apple guides you through the wizard of setting up names and rooms of the devices. Hint: You can skip the wizard by closing the app and re-opening it.
  • Enjoy using Apple HomeKit!


  • Current HomeKit implementation is not yet certified by Apple. We will certify the solution once the requirements on software encryption from Apple are finalized.

It might happen that RPi solutions will never be officially certified by Apple due to their manufacturing, packing and other requirements. This current RPi solution is, however, expected to function in the same way it will just lack the official certificate.

- Current implementation supports lights, dimming lights, switches, scenes, lightning moods and blinds. Thermostats will be added in the next couple of days.

Support for other device types will be added in the near future.

- Please keep in mind that HomeKit limits bridges to maximum 100 devices or scenes. So please enable only the devices you plan to control with voice and keep the device number under 100.

- We are researching an option to support more than 100 devices. Most probably this feature will only be available on the uncertified version. Certified versions are expected to require multiple certified 1Home Box devices in order to add more than 100 devices.


I don't have a HomePod device, but would still like to try Voice Control. What should I do?

If there is no smart speaker nearby, we can help you experience voice control right away. We suggest using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa on your smartphone or tablet: Please follow this guide

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know at contact us via the Chat bubble or book a support call.

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