1. To enable secure connection to the Smart Home through KNX ETS 5, we first need to configure the Remote Access Box with the Smart Home gateway.
  • Start by signing up to the 1Home dashboard and selecting your preferred gateway
  • Name your Smart Home server and select 1Home Box as your connection type.
  • Your Remote Access Box should already be visible in your network - please select configure.
  • Click “discover gateway in my local network” and select your Smart Home server.
  • Save your gateway to finish the configuration process

2. Setup VPN certificate on your computer

  • Go to the site “Remote Access” in the 1Home dashboard
  • Select (click configure) your already visible  Box and setup a new remote access connection
  • For end-to-end encryption choose “using VPN connection” and save your configuration
  • Once returned to the Remote Access site, now enable your access and set password for your certificate.
  • E-mail yourself VPN details and certificates
  • You will receive certificates and instructions on how to setup VPN with your operating system.
  • Download the attachment and open the folder
  • Open the file in a .p12 format
  • Select either “current user” or “local machine” as your prefer - then click next.
  • Select the certificate with .p12 format to import
  • Please type in the certificate password you have created in the dashboard earlier.
  • Choose the preferred location where you want to install your certificate
  • Review the settings and click finish
  • Go to the control panel under “manage computer certificates”
  • Right-click on “Trusted root certification authorities” folder, go under all tasks and select “import”.
  • Click “next”.
  • Open the voxiorCA.cer file from the downloaded attachment and click “next”.
  • The certificate store option will be the specific store, "Trusted Root Certification Authoritities". Click Next.
  • Review the settings and click “finish”.
  • Go under system settings and select “change virutal private networks (VPN)”
  • Click “add a VPN connection”
  • Under the “VPN provider” field select Windows (built-in)
  • Under connection name set the preferred name for your VPN
  • Under server address please input: vpn.voxior.com
  • Choose “IKEv2” as the VPN type
  • Choose “Certificate” as a type of sign-in info and click save
  • Your new VPN should now pop-up on the list of VPNs
  • Select it and click connect
  • Choose the certificate you have just installed (containing your 1Home email address) and click connect

3. Monitor device groups & program home configuration through KNX ETS 5

  • Open KNX ETS 5
  • Under Bus -> Connections -> Interfaces -> Configured Interfaces -> Add configured interface (Green Plus Icon) -> Select IP Tunneling
  • Name your IP Tunnel
  • Go to the 1Home Dashboard under the site “Remote Access” and copy URL address (without the port number) under the “server” field in ETS5.
  • Copy port number from the Remote Access site as well and paste it under “port” field in ETS5
  • Select connect using NAT mode and click “test”. You are now connected.
  • Under Overview -> Projects -> Select project under which the 1Home Box is configured
  • You can now access all devices on the bus - re-configure and program them.
  • You can run bus monitoring or group monitoring
  • You can even perform a Line Address scan to list all the addresses on the line.

4. You are all set to remotely and securely access your customer’s home! Say goodbye to on-site visits!

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