Our Team has researched and tested the following list of French commands with Apple Siri smart assistant and KNX, Loxone and Gira smart homes.

Please check back again on this article, since is it will regularly be updated & improved with new commands, tipps, tricks and hints for our French users.

Siri Voice Commands for controlling Lights

Turn on / off a light - To turn on / off a light
" Turn on the light."
"Light the lamp."
"Turn off the light."
"Turn off the lamp."

Query the light status
"Are the lights for <room name> on?"
"Is the <light name> on?"
"Is the <light name> of the <room name> on?" 

Set a light brightness to a certain percentage
" Sets the brightness of <room name> to 50%."
"Set <light name> to 50%."
"Set <light name> of <room name> to 50%." 

Dim a light - Dim a light
"Thames <name of light>"
"Lower <name of light>" 

"Increase brightness of <light name>" 

Change the color of a light - Dim / Brighten lights by a certain percentage
"Tamise / Increase the brightness of <light name> by 50%" 

Change the color of a light - Change the color of the light
"Set < light name> to green" 

Query the light color
"What color is <light name>?" 

Turn on / off all lights in a room - Turn on / off all lights in room
" Turn on / off lights in <room name>." 

Turn on / off all lights - Turn on / off all lights
" Turn on / off all lights ."
"Turn on the lights for <room 1 name> and <room 2 name> ... and <room name n>."

Siri Voice Commands for controlling Thermostats

Set the temperature - To set the temperature to all thermostats
" Set the heating to 20 degrees."

- To set thermostat using the thermostat's room name
" Set the heating in the country house to 22 degrees."
"Set the <living room> thermostat to 21"

" Start heating up the floor."

Hear the ambient temperature on the thermostat
" How much is the thermostat set to?"
"What is the thermostat setting?"

Set the mode and temperature - Set the mode and temperature
"Sets the heating to 20"
"Sets the air conditioning to 21"


Siri Voice Commands for controlling Blinds and Shades

To open / close a blind
"Open / Close the store."
"Open / Close the blind for <room name>."
“Open / Close shades.” “Open shades for <room 1 name> (and <room name n>).”

Query the blind status
"Is the blind for <room name> open / closed?"

Set the position of the blind
"Sets the blind of <room name> to 50%."

Decrease the blind
"Increases the blind opening by <room name>."

Increase the blind
"Decreases the blind opening by <room name>."

Decrease / Increase blinds by a certain percentage
"Increase / Decrease the opening of the blind of <room name> by 20%."


Invert Commands:

You can invert ON and OFF to represent 0% and 100% or the other way around. This is important because the installations differ and 100% doesn't mean 100% open in all homes.

To invert the commands, go to the Devices tab, open a blind's settings and toggle the "invert commands" switch.


Siri Voice commands for controlling Switches and Scenes

"Turn on / off switch [switch name]"
"Turn off the fan."
"Turn on the fan."

"Hey Siri, <scene name>"
"Hey Siri, turn on <scene name>"
"Hey Siri, good night."

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