Your smart home needs to be accessible outside your internal network in order for 1Home to work properly. The most issues are usually connected either to port forwarding or dynamic DNS.

Have you set up port forwarding correctly?

Click here to follow the WikiHow Port forwarding instructions.


Port forwarding for Loxone users

Here are instructions for setting up Port forwarding with Loxone.

If you are using the Loxone DNS service, please confirm it is working properly. Instructions for Loxone DNS


Port forwarding for Gira Homeserver and Gira X1 users

  • Gira Homeserver users, usually use the Port 80 or 443

Gira X1 users, usually use the port 4432

If you are using the Gira DNS service, please confirm it is working properly.  You can check the configuration in the Gira device portal:


Port forwarding for KNX users

  • Usually the Port 3671 is used

If you have the ETS 5 software, you can find the instructions on how to check for port forwarding issues with UDP Ports:

  • Please open the Bus tab
  • Then click the + Plus sign under Configured interfaces
  • on the right side there will be a form: please enter a name, the individual address is empty, 
  • under server: enter your external IP,
  • Port: enter your forwarded port
  • click the checkbox: connect using Nat
  • Click the "Test" button
  • You should get the response “OK”

You can find detailed information in this article: 

Important: 1Home only suggests setting up port-forwarding of your KNX IP Interface installation for testing purposes, since there is no authentication layer included in this setup. In normal setup 1Home strongly suggests the usage of a 1Home Box which adds an additional security layer to the remote connection.

In case you would need help setting up port-forwarding or would have any additional questions or concerns please let us know through support chat or book a call.


Other gateways: Weinzierl, IPAS, EisBär, Theben, Divus

Weinzierl Knx Ip Baos 777, IPAS Combridge HCC, THEBEN LUXORliving IP 1 and Divus KNX Server usually use the port 443

Eisbär usually uses the incoming port 8080

  • Please note: To connect your Eisbär server with 1Home a certificate has to be installed. Please follow the Eisbär manual or Eisbär Scada Help section (found in the Eisbär Scada software) to learn how. The instructions can be found in the Help section under Components - Driver - 1Home (Voxior) or in the manual under 6.13.21 1Home

You can check that everything is working properly by connecting to your mobile network and controlling your smart home with your smart home mobile app.

Don't forget to save the changes in 1Home Dashboard.


If you are still experiencing issues, our support (  will be happy to help you.

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