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Voice control is fantastic. But once you automate your home, you'll enjoy it even more, because then everything around you will work like magic. 😁

Automations make your home work for you in such a way that your devices switch on based on a pre-set trigger. No human interaction needed for pushing the buttons or saying the command.

All smart assistant mobile apps offer automations that get triggered based on:

  • Time

  • Sensor

  • Location (Geofencing)

  • Alarm

  • Push Button

  • ...

While Loxone has put quite some effort into simplifying their automation dashboard, it’s still relatively complex, Gira and other KNX manufacturers still make it very hard for an average user to create or adapt their home automations. Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Home apps upgraded this experience to the next level.

Here's how to create automations with

How to create automations with HomeKit

To start, tap the Automation tab in the Home app, and “Create new Automation”.

Trigger: Time
To schedule device triggers at a specific time follow this guide:

Trigger: Accessory
Start an automation when a certain HomeKit Accessory is turned on/off. An accessory can be anything from sensors, locks to the vast sea of IoT devices.

Trigger: Location
Read this blog post on location automations on Geofencing for Apple users. These routines can be triggered when you or another member of your family arrive or leave your home.

Trigger: Button
With 1Home Bridge, your regular wall switches could be programmed to trigger devices or device groups. Different actions can also be programmed for a single or double press.

You can pick among several actions that get triggered when one of the above happens:

  • Scenes: pick which pre-set scenes will be turned on

  • Accessories: choose one (or more) of your HomeKit Accessories that will get activated/deactivated.

How to create Routines in the Alexa mobile app

1. Tap the menu button in the top-left corner, and select Routines.
2. Select the plus (+) button in the top-right corner to add a new routine.
3. Now you can select a trigger for a routine to start.

Trigger: Time
To schedule device triggers at a specific time, click “Schedule” and choose the desired time. You can also pick a flexible point in time such as sunrise or sunset, which are especially useful for automations with lights:

Trigger: Device
To trigger devices when another device is on/off, click “Device” and choose the status of the device that will trigger other devices.

Trigger: Location
To use geolocation on Alexa, click “Location” and specify when the device will trigger. After you define the geofence, the devices will be triggered when you enter a specific geofence or leave it. You can set a home or work address, or define a specific address. The size of the geofence can be modified as you wish.

Trigger: Alarm
To trigger devices when an alarm is dismissed, click “Alarm” and specify what happens when an Alarm is missed. You can also suppress the routine and Alexa will wait before running the routine again. Don’t forget to first select the device that gets triggered when an alarm is snoozed. Note: some actions require smart speaker to be defined (for example music, news, Alexa says, …).

Trigger: Echo Button
If you own an Echo Button, you can use it to trigger devices or routines. Click “Echo Button” and specify what happens when the button is pressed.

You can pick among several actions that get triggered when one of the trigger happens:

  • Smart home: You can choose an action for any of your smart home devices connected to Alexa. You can even trigger scenes or multiple devices you want to include into the same series.

  • Wait: add a delay between the executed actions. Great for creating a nap automation.

  • Music: play a specific song, artist or playlist either from Amazon Music, TuneIn or your music library. Note: You can also set the duration.

  • Calendar: read my calendar for today.

  • Traffic: Alexa will report traffic for you. Great for complementing your morning routine.

  • Weather: Alexa will report the weather, also great for morning routines.

  • Messaging: Announce a custom message on the Echo or send an announcement to the Alexa app.

  • ...

How to create a routine in the Google Home app

In the last update, Google has added more options to automate your Loxone or KNX smart home devices apart from the pre-made Google routines.

The possible triggers are:

  • voice command

  • time

  • sunrise & sunset

Choose a trigger/starter and an action that gets triggered:

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