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Cloud license product is not available for new customers.

If you'd like to upgrade from Cloud to Bridge and you'd like to keep your current configuration in the 1Home Dashboard, please follow this guide:

  • Connect the 1Home Bridge, see how. Then it will appear in your 1Home dashboard after 5-10 minutes as long as you're in the same network.

  • Click "Pair" once you can see it HERE.

  • After successfully connecting your 1Home device with the 1Home dashboard, go to "Smart Homes" tab, click "..." > "Move configuration"

  • Then Select Bridge as the connection type and select your smart home type (KNX, Loxone Minserver, Gira HomeServer, Gira X1).

    In case your smart home server isn't recognised automatically, Click "Add manually" and enter its local IP:port to connect.

Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Our support team is happy to help via Chat (blue button in the bottom right corner).

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