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Follow the steps below to learn how to easily configure and manage projects for all your customers. All in one dashboard.

⚠️ Get access to the installer dashboard

In order to manage projects for your customers, your 1Home account needs to be upgraded to an installer account.

Now you should see a »Projects« tab in your dashboard side menu. You are ready to manage projects for your customers.

How to create a customer project:

  • Log in to the 1Home dashboard with your integrator account.

  • Navigate to the »Projects« tab in your dashboard.

  • Click on + Add a project button in the top right corner.

  • Enter the name of the project in the »Description« window.

  • Name the project accordingly.

You can enter the customer e-mail now, or leave it blank for later editing.
If you enter the e-mail address of the customer (which must not be affiliated with 1Home yet), it will then be associated with the project in question.

How to pair a Box/Bridge to this project:

The next step would be to pair a 1Home device with the account.

To add a 1Home device to the customer project, go to your project tab and click on the edit sign. Then you will be able to assign a 1Home device to the account.

Please note that the device must be connected to the same network (the network of the installer) and a power supply for it to appear in the dropdown menu.

The guides on how to pair the devices are available below:

How to edit a project:

Once you have created a project you can double click its name and start editing it.

If you go under the Smart Homes tab you can create a gateway with KNX/Loxone/Gira.

Here you click the "+" sign and add a smart home locally.

Afterwards just select the 1Home device that appears on the screen.

The guides on how to do that are available below:

How the user logs into that project:

Once the device has been configured by the installer, he can remove it from the power supply and network and bring it over to the customer.

As the last step, the customer only has to register in to the 1Home dashboard with the e-mail the installer has assigned to him and log in to his dashboard.

Please note, that the 1Home device has to be connected to a power supply and be in the same network as the customer for it to pair successfully.

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