The 1Home KNX Bridge’s software is split in two parts:

  • 1Home firmware (this gets updated automatically)

  • Weinzierl BAOS 777 device firmware

With the BAOS 777 device firmware version v2.1+ it is now possible to send date & time to the KNX bus - a long awaited feature.

BAOS 777 device firmware download

Update Procedure

Warning: DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. If the device firmware update is not applied correctly or if the device reboots/loses connection it could cause the device to brick.

  1. Visit the 1Home KNX Bridge's IP in your web browser to bring up the underlying BAOS 777 web console.

  2. Login, the default credentials are “admin/admin”.

  3. Select the "Device" tab.

  4. Scroll to the bottom until you see the section "Device update".

  5. Upload the device firmware update into the section "Device update".

  6. Wait for the device firmware update to get applied. This should take a couple of minutes.

  7. Reload the web console page.


Note 1

If after applying the device firmware update, the device doesn’t boot up after 10 minutes and the display shows “Starting…”, you can physically reboot the device by unplugging it from the power source waiting a couple of seconds and plugging the power source back in.

Note 2

For instructions on how to configure date & time for the KNX bus, please follow the instructions for the BAOS 777 (pg. 48).

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