The 1Home Sonos-KNX integration v0.1 (currently in BETA) allows you to control Sonos players via KNX. The integration uses the official Sonos Cloud API which means that the integration requires an active internet connection. All security keys related to your Sonos account are stored locally on the 1Home device - no Sonos user keys are stored in the 1Home Cloud.

Note: this integration works with all Sonos S2 devices (e.g. Sonos Move, Symfonisk, …).

Supported Datapoints

All actions are assigned to a specific Sonos player.


  • Play/Pause (DPT 1.001) - Starts playback if there is currently anything in the music queue (if nothing is in the queue, nothing will happen). Pause will pause the current playback.

    • 0: Pause

    • 1: Play (if there is anything in the queue)

  • Toggle Play/Pause (DPT 1.001) - Toggles Play/Pause of the current playback (if nothing is in the queue, nothing will happen). Value of the DPT is not used.

  • Play/Pause Feedback (DPT 1.001) - When playback of the player changes

    • 0: Pause

    • 1: Play

  • Play Favorite (DPT 1.001) - Plays a specific Sonos favorite. This will replace the current music queue.

    • Parameters:

      • Favorite: Sonos favorite (e.g. playlist, radio station, etc.)

      • Shuffle: Shuffles the tracks in the favorite when adding to queue

  • Next Track (DPT 1.001) - Toggles next track (if the queue supports it, e.g. radio stations do not support next track)

  • Previous Track (DPT 1.001) - Toggles previous track (if the queue supports it)


  • Increase Volume (DPT 1.001) - Relative volume increase

    • Parameters

      • Step: Relative volume increase delta

  • Decrease Volume (DPT 1.001) - Relative volume decrease

    • Parameters

      • Step: Relative volume decrease delta

  • Set Volume (DPT 5.001) - Set absolute volume

  • Volume Feedback (DPT 5.001) - When the volume of the player is changed

Setup Process


  • A configured 1Home device that is connected to your KNX installation

  • Sonos player

  • Sonos account (login into Sonos will be required during the setup)

  • Internet connection

Setup: Integrating Sonos into 1Home

  1. Make sure the 1Home device and the Sonos player are online during the setup process.

  2. Log into the 1Home Dashboard and in the menu select "Integrations".

  3. Click the "+" in the top right corner to add a new Sonos integration.

  4. In the device prompt select the desired 1Home device you wish to use to integrate Sonos.

  5. In the integrations screen, select Sonos.

  6. You will now be redirected to Sonos where you will be asked to authenticate and give permission to 1Home to access your Sonos devices.

  7. You will be redirected back to the 1Home dashboard, now wait for the integration to get configured to your device. If everything goes well, you should see a list of all your Sonos households.

  8. Select which Sonos household you wish to integrate and afterwards confirm you with to import the listed Sonos players.

  9. Now you will be redirected to your Devices page. All Sonos players get automatically moved into the "Other" room. Open the Other room and click on the settings icon and select which KNX smart home connection you wish to use. Optionally you can select (or create) a different room for the device to be placed. When you are done, you must select "save".

Setup: Integrating Sonos into KNX

  1. In the 1Home Dashboard find your Sonos player under the Devices page.

  2. Click on the settings and configure actions for your KNX installation.

Example KNX configuration

A typical Sonos KNX integration would look like this:

  • Button 1: Decrease Volume

  • Button 2: Increase Volume

  • Button 3: Play Favorite

  • Button 4: Next Track

However with the provided datapoints you can customize things to your liking.

BETA Status

Currently the Sonos-KNX integration is in beta phase and is meant for early adopters to test and give feedback. During the BETA status we do not guarantee backwards compatibility with next integration revisions, it is possible that datapoints will change.

The integration uses the Sonos API and as such a constant reliable internet connection is required. Due to the reliability of home networks it is possible some events will get lost or fail to get delivered. In our following integration versions we will be working on creating a robust smart event dispatch system. The new system will buffer and truncate events (e.g. only the latest player volume event will be transmitted) until the 1Home device is reachable again.


As we continue to improve the 1Home Sonos-KNX integration, we would love to hear back from you; is there anything in particular you wish to do with Sonos, implement new datapoints, etc. Please contact us via support (, we are keen on closely developing with the 1Home community new features.

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