With the KNX Time Server feature on the 1Home KNX Bridge, you can send the current time and date to the KNX bus so other KNX devices can perform various tasks based on the time and date.


  • 1Home KNX Bridge with the latest v2.1+ device firmware (Update instructions)

  • ETS5/ETS6 and basic knowledge of programming KNX devices


  1. Configure 1Home KNX Bridge with ETS5/ETS6

    For the Time Server to work, the device needs to be properly configured and programmed using ETS.
    The catalog for the 1Home KNX Bridge is available under the catalogs view or if you prefer to download manually it is available here.

    Select the 1Home KNX Bridge device and under device parameter select in the menu Building. Select a Building Function (e.g. B.1 in the image below) and from the dropdown select Time and specify a Name (e.g. Current Time).

    Under Group Objects set the desired Group Address for the current time to be transmitted to. If you need to transmit the current date too, add another building function with the Date type.

    It is also very important that you enable the transmit flag on these datapoints.

    Download application to 1Home KNX Bridge and after successful programming proceed to next step.

  2. Enable Time Server on 1Home KNX Bridge

    Navigate to the local IP of the 1Home KNX Bridge in your web browser (e.g., the local IP is also displayed on the device's display.

    You will be welcomed with a login page, the default credentials are admin/admin.

    You will be redirected to the Visualization screen, you can already see the "Current time" datapoint but the value will be incorrect because we have not finished configuring.

    Navigate to the Settings view and select the Date & Time option in the left side menu.
    If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see Date Server and Time Server.

    To enable sending the current Date or Time to the bus, click the Datapoints IDs field and select the Date/Time datapoint that is available (if there are no datapoints available, you have probably missed something in step 1).

    All that is left is to type the interval value that represents how often the Date/Time value will be sent to the bus and finally click Save.

    You should start seeing telegrams on the bus containing real time and/or date.

    If you have any issues please contact us via support (support@1home.io) where we are always happy to help.

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