What is adaptive lighting?

Adaptive Lighting is a feature provided by Apple that automatically controls the color temperature of your lights to make your lighting more comfortable for the current stage of the day.


  1. KNX Color temperature light with:

    • On/off address

    • On/off feedback address

    • Dimming percentage address

    • Dimming percentage feedback address

    • Color temperature address

    • Color temperature feedback address

  2. Apple Home Hub device with iOS 14 or later.

Enabling Adaptive Lighting in 1Home

  1. Go to my.1home.io/devices

  2. Open the settings for your Color Temperature Light

  3. Toggle the ‘Enable adaptive lighting’.

  4. Wait a couple of seconds for the change to take effect in your HomeKit app.

  5. In the HomeKit app appears a banner ‘Adaptive Lighting Now Available’. Click on it and follow the configuration wizard.

Warning: If this Color temperature light is a part of any HomeKit automation you will have to add it again to the automation because we generate a new device instance when you enable adaptive lighting functionality.

Using Adaptive Lighting

To enable adaptive lighting hold on the light icon for the color settings to appear. On the bottom select the color with the sun icon on it (adaptive lighting icon).

Adaptive lighting will be disabled if you choose another color or you change the color via KNX.

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